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California has some unique rules for motorcycle riders. Authorities in that state studied statistics about motorcycle accidents and felt that the unique rules could help limit the number of motorcycle accidents.

Lane splitting is legal

• Motorcyclists can ride between the lanes of traffic. Yet, any rider on a motorcycle should make note of the places where lane splitting is permitted, and where it is not.
• Someone engaged in lane splitting should not travel at ta rate the exceeds the rate of the traffic by more than 10 miles per hour.
• No one should try lane splitting in traffic that is going more than 30 miles per hour.
• Consider the condition of the traffic and the weather, before moving ahead with a plan to try lane splitting.
• Never ride in the shoulder lane.
• Do not try lane-splitting in the region of large vehicles.
• If you plan to do some lane splitting, dress appropriately. That means donning bright clothes and using reflective gear, as well.

Rules that relate to the motorcycle’s condition

All motorcycles must be registered, have a muffler and mirrors. If the motorcycle’s load gets increased, due to the presence of a passenger, the motorcyclist’s bike should have foot rests for both the driver and the passenger. Additionally, the motorcycle’s handle bar should not be more than 6 inches above the shoulders of the rider.

A basic rule

All motorcycle riders should wear a helmet. If the rider has invited a passenger to sit behind him or her, then that passenger also needs a helmet. Personal injury lawyer in Mountain View knows that this will ensure that if there is an accident, you don’t have to lose out on not following the laws.

Suggestions from personal injury lawyers

Road rash is a medical condition that could appear on the skin of a motorcyclist that has been in an accident. That rash develops where the rider’s skin has touched the road’s surface. The wearing of gloves, boots, a leather jacket and leather boots can lower the chances for the appearance of road rash, following involvement in an accident.

If a biker were to wear such attire, and still got road rash, that same biker could not be charged with contributory negligence. For that reason, the same biker would have reason to expect a nice-sized award as compensation for the road rash injury. Personal injury lawyers call attention to the rule about bright clothes when lane-splitting. Actually, it helps to wear such attire at any time. In that way, a motorcycle rider can become more visible.

It also helps to wear a fluorescent vest. That does not hamper the movements needed for controlling the motorcycle’s 2 wheels. On the other hand, it does increase the visibility of the vest-wearer. That makes it hard for a defendant to say that he or she had struggled to see the motorcyclist.