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The Ways An Accident Can Be Caused On Purpose

An on-road incident in which one of the drivers has purposely caused an accident is called a staged accident. Why would anyone trigger the occurrence of such an incident? Some car owners take that action in hopes of obtaining money from the insurance company, as per a personal injury lawyer in Livermore.

How Long Your Personal Injury Case Will Take?

Personal Injury lawyers know that it can take up to a year to resolve a personal injury case. If you file a personal injury claim now, a personal injury lawyer will tell you that it will take an average of 10 months to get a check from the claim. It takes a while for the […]

Privacy Rights Granted To Personal Injury Litigants

At the present time, members of the public take care to preserve the privacy of their information. They hold their hands over the keypad, when entering a password for a credit or debit card. They pay for online protection of their identity. Still, the litigant in a personal injury case often struggles to preserve the […]