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There are many myths that abound in any profession. For example, many people mistakenly believe that the medical field pays well and only requires doctors to put in few working hours. In personal injury law, many people believe that big firms will do a better job of winning their personal injury lawsuits in court than smaller firms. If you are ever involved in a personal injury accident which includes a car accident, hire a personal injury lawyer and discuss the following information with him or her!

Bigger is not necessarily better

However, as any personal injury lawyer would tell you, this is definitely not true in the personal injury law field. You may feel as though bigger firms will be better able to represent you better in court because of their larger staff. However, both you and your case are likely to become just another client and case in a larger firm. Smaller firms will recognize and treat you like a real person and will have lawyers who will take the time to work with you to create a unique personal injury lawsuit that will win in court!

Many people often believe that they should work with larger firms because they will be represented by a team of lawyers. This is far from true. If you work with a large law firm, you will be working with one personal injury lawyer in Turlock and Hollister on your personal injury case.

Don’t always get a bigger settlement with a larger firm

You may be tempted to hire a lawyer from a huge law firm because he or she will help you win a bigger settlement in court. However, this is not always true. Because huge law firms have large caseloads, their lawyers may be too busy to give you the personalized attention you need and may not help you craft a solid personal injury lawsuit that will win in court.

Insurance premiums unaffected even if you sue

Your personal injury lawyer will inform you that because the car accident you were involved in was not your fault, the defendant’s and not your insurance company will be involved. Therefore, your insurance premiums will be unaffected because your insurance company will not be involved in the personal injury lawsuit

It is important to dispel the myths to craft that award-winning personal injury lawsuit. Now that you know some of the myths that abound in personal injury law, you can work with a lawyer in a smaller firm. They can then craft that award-winning personal injury lawsuit and help you win the settlement amount that you deserve after suffering the pain and injuries.