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There are two ways to answer this loaded question. But it depends on whether you are filing a personal injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers know that personal injuries, whether they are car accidents or slips and falls in public or private places are all too common. If you are ever involved in a personal injury, you should hire a good personal injury lawyer. This person will thoroughly educate you regarding your options for pursuing a personal injury claim. He or she will also tell you if you are better off filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit!

If you are getting a good response from either your insurance company or the defendant’s insurer, filing a personal injury claim should suffice. However, if the insurer is stalling, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get the settlement you want and deserve. Remember that timing is of essence when filing a personal injury case or lawsuit.

File your insurance claim quickly

Your personal injury lawyer in Turlock will tell you to file your personal injury claim immediately because this can make you eligible for coverage under your own insurance policy. The same is true of the other party’s insurance company. Furthermore, your insurer may require you to report these types of incidence as soon as they occur. Most states have between a two and five-year limit for you to file a personal injury claim or case. The insurer (either yours or the defense’s) can argue that your injuries are so minor you don’t need compensation if you don’t file your claim within a month of your personal injury.

Be sure to file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations

If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, your personal injury lawyerwill tell you that you must follow strict timelines. Each state has a different time limit that is called a statute of limitations. The average statute of limitations is two to five years.

If you file your case after the statute of limitations, the defendant will file a motion to dismiss the case or claim. They will use the justification that you have filed after the statute of limitations.

An exception is if you were hurt in a car accident when you are 16. You can’t legally file a lawsuit until you are 18. Furthermore, you may not discover any injuries until you are 19. In this instance, the statute of limitations will not start until you discover and report the injuries.

The statute of limitations is different in different states as is the condition that would extend those. Be mindful of the statute of limitations. If you hire a good personal injury lawyer, you can file your case within the statute of limitations and win!