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Personal Injury lawyers know that it can take up to a year to resolve a personal injury case. If you file a personal injury claim now, a personal injury lawyer will tell you that it will take an average of 10 months to get a check from the claim. It takes a while for the average personal injury case to settle, either in or out of court. Read further to learn more about this.

The more time spent processing the case, the higher the settlement.Settling cases can take more than a year in a third of all instances. This is because many factors must be resolved for a settlement to be arrived at. Except your case to take longer to settle if you hire a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers in Mountain View will review your case and will help you craft your case the right way. Though this will take longer, your chances of winning a settlement will increase greatly. Your final settlement will also be $60,000 higher.

Negotiating a settlement takes a while. While it may be tempting to accept the first offer from the defendant’s insurance company, you’ll get a higher settlement amount if you take the time to negotiate. It tends to take almost a year to settle, but the award is generally $31,000 more. There can be many reasons that your claim is slowed down. It can be legal problems, while it is possible that your case has not reached the completion of treatment. There are plenty of issues that your insurance company will take to deny or delay the payout. That is why seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer is important. They will ensure that you get all the assistance that you need to get the claim filed and will help you win it.

Lawsuits lengthen the settlement time period. Personal Injury lawyers know that lawsuits dramatically lengthen the settlement time. However, the final settlement value increases by 50%. Your claim will take longer if you had many medical bills. It will take longer to calculate the final settlement value in this instance.

Filing the lawsuit may delay the final settlement.Filling out and processing the paperwork related to a personal injury lawsuit takes a while. However, your prospects of winning your case increase dramatically.

Personal injury cases are worth the wait

It can take more than a year to win a personal injury case, but you’ll get a higher settlement if you do. Thus, don’t lose hope you get a good lawyer to negotiate the settlement on your behalf. Whether it is settled out of court or after a trial, you will get the maximum amount after the lawyer handles it.