Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Mountain View, Livermore, Turlock and Hollister

Unfortunately, hundreds of individuals succumb to fatal car accidents on an annual basis while thousands of others sustain serious injuries.  Although insurance company can provide some benefits while the person isn’t working, it only takes care of a portion of their income replacement and medical expenses.  As a result, families are left struggling financially.

A word about Negligence-based Vehicle Crashes

Motor vehicle accidents involving injuries are becoming increasingly more common throughout the state of California is no exception to that.  Many vehicle crashes are caused by another driver’s careless, negligent, or reckless actions.  According to the lawyers, negligence-based accidents oftentimes result from:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving When Overly Tired
  • Driving Under The Influence Of Prescription Medications
  • Illegal Driving Maneuvers
  • Intoxicated Driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Texting While Driving

Our experienced personal injury attorneys specialize in car and motor vehicle accidents can benefit injured people as well as their families by helping them obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible.  Without their assistant, they usually won’t have the financial means to maintain their lifestyle. The Braff Personal Injury Attorneys team offers complete support to those injured in auto accidents in Mountain View, Livermore, Turlock and Hollister.

If you or a loved one has recently sustained injuries, it is best to consult with Braff Personal Injury Attorneys. Even if you had a part to play in the accident, there are many benefits that you are entitled to. You may think that filing and settling a claim is a straightforward issue, but there may be specific loopholes that the insurance company might benefit from. That is one of the reasons having one of our lawyers with you is important.

Taking On Large Insurance Companies

Most of the accident victims are overwhelmed with the aftermath of the collision, their current circumstances and the huge amount of documentation that they face. It is a known fact that insurance companies deal with such claims on an everyday basis. Thus, their legal team is well-versed with the procedure and aggressively pursue the claims to lowball the victims. If you don’t hire a lawyer to support your claim for a just and fair settlement, the insurance company can intimidate you to settle for less. However, with our strong legal team in your corner, you can be sure that we will advocate for a reasonable and fair settlement that benefits you.

Your rights

Personal injury attorneys will not only help you obtain the compensation you deserve, they will ensure that your rights to collect damages are protected.    Additionally, the rights afforded to the individuals oftentimes vary as well.  Consequently, the legal procedures that ensure the protection of an accident victim’s rights will also vary.  That so why it is important to talk with Braff personal injury Attorneys and know more about your rights and how you can claim the rightful compensation. As most of the injury lawyers’ work on contingency basis, you don’t have to worry about paying upfront fees. Call us today to know how we can be of assistance and get more information about our legal services.