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California has lots of rules about driving trucks in that state. Still, the truck drivers do not pay attention to all the rules. That fact highlights one of the chief causes for truck accidents.

Drivers ignore the hours of service rules.

California has sought to limit the number of hours that any driver stays behind the steering wheel on a given day. Because drivers try to ignore that limit, the State has called for installation of electric logging devices. Those devices record the number of hours that a driver spends at the wheel each day.

Speeding and reckless driving

If a driver is trying to meet a schedule, he or she might travel at a speed that exceeds the speed limit. That is a dangerous practice, because a truck is difficult to stop. A speeding truck is next-to- impossible to stop.

Reduced reaction time

That could be caused by drinking alcohol or using drugs. It could also be caused by exhaustion. That is why drivers are asked to limit the number of hours that they spend at the wheel.

Some trucking companies hire incompetent drivers.

Some hire drivers that have a poor driving record. Some hire drivers with a medical issue. Someone that suffers seizures should not be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle. Some drivers do not have the right type of license.

Maintenance issues

In addition to hiring drivers, trucking companies must keep their trucks in good condition. That means doing the proper sort of inspections before a truck, get traveling down the road. At each inspection, the most crucial parts have to be examined.

What are the most crucial parts? The brakes need to work properly. The tires should be in good shape. The portion that carries the hauled item must be able to hold that item safely. No hauled item should be allowed to come onto the road.

Distracted driving

Personal injury lawyer in Livermore knows that car drivers are not the only motorists that are guilty of distracted driving. A truck’s driver might need to alter the facts that have been fed to the GPS system. A driver cannot pay attention to what is on the road, while fiddling with the GPS system.

Drivers become most interested in their truck’s GPS system when approaching a delivery location. A driver might need to use the GPS’ instructions, in order to find the desired location. The drivers’ ultimate goal is the unloading spot.

Some training sessions for drivers encourage them to call ahead before getting to within a block or two of the spots, where the hauled goods are to be dropped off. By calling ahead, a driver’s need to study the GPS system diminishes. Sometimes, too, a call can guarantee receipt of updated information.