Product Liability Attorney Mountain View, Livermore, Turlock and Hollister

Considered to be one of the complex aspects of tort law is product liability which encompasses defective consumer products. Most of the liability laws in California come under the government legislation and common law. Under these regulations, the basic cause of action for product liability is the negligence in design, breach of duty to warn the consumer and manufacturing negligence. Thus, there are thousands of injuries that happen due to the defect in consumer products. At Braff Personal Injury Attorneys, we have handled hundreds of such cases and are proud to say that we won millions of dollars for our clients.

It is important to be aware of the fact that as per the law in California, a product can only be legally termed defective if it has a defective design or there is negligence in manufacture or marketing. There maybe multiple parties involved in a product liability claim that ahs been filed due to death or injuries to the plaintiff. Anyone that is part of the distribution chain including the designers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers can be held liable.

Legal Representation For Claims

It is important that you first seek medical care and treatment for the injuries sustained by using a defective product. However, after that the first step that is essential is to call Braff Personal Injury Attorneys to discuss about filing the product liability claim in Livermore, Mountain View, Turlock, Hollister.

We know that you are never prepared for any such calamity in life and that is why such disruptions can be devastating. If a product is considered safe, yet leaves you or a loved one with injuries, it is time to seek the legal route to justice. In California, all accident victims are safeguarded by the consumer legislation in defective product claims that cover a range of accidents. Thus, don’t just assume that your injuries are insignificant or do not deserve to be legally represented.

If you or a loved one was disfigured or were a victim of serious injuries, talk with one of the lawyers at our legal firm. We advocate on your behalf at out of court negotiations and legally represent you at trials, depending on the situation and the stand taken by the insurance companies.

At Braff Personal Injury Attorneys, we are eager to work with you to ensure that you get the compensation that is rightfully deserved, if you are injured by suing a defective product. We have a history of successful culmination of claims in and out of the courts in California. And we have helped settle many claims for significant amounts. For clients facing financial problems due to defective product related injuries, our legal assistance has been helpful.

Range of Liability Claims

We understand that dealing with product liability claims can be a complex process but we have dealt with many such cases over the years. You want legal assistance that can maximize the settlement amount which might be stemming from injuries sustained from defective equipment or devices and products that were unsafe for use.  Some of these products include toys, auto parts, heavy duty equipment, food items, poor quality construction materials, and even prescription medicines. Schedule an appointment with Braff Personal Injury Attorneys today and get the initial consultation free.