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Picture this situation: you aspirate fluid into your lungs after an unplanned emergency c-section. Your gynecologist does not have you evaluated by a trained cardiologist immediately after the surgery even though he/she was strictly instructed to do so. You end up going into heart failure and have substantial medical bills to pay as a result. You have a feeling your doctor was guilty of medical malpractice and want to take legal action against her. What do you do? Well, you can hire a personal injury lawyer in Livermore and discuss the case.

Don’t call your doctor’s office

You may be tempted to call your gynecologist office to obtain the information you need to build your personal injury lawsuit, but your personal injury lawyer will advise against this. You should never contact your doctor’s office before taking him or her to trial because you may inadvertently slip up and alert the secretary that you want to take legal action against him or her. Your doctor will then have the chance to prepare a solid defense against your case before you even build your lawsuit against him or her. Contacting your doctor’s office prematurely could also unnecessarily shorten the statute of limitations or window of time period which you have to file your lawsuit.

The steps you should take

Your personal injury lawyer will advise you to take the following steps when building your personal injury lawsuit:

● Gather medical documentation. You will be prepared if you gather more than enough medical documentation early on to be used as evidence in court. Some of the information to gather includes your medical records and the dates of your doctor’s visits.
● Contact a medical malpractice lawyer. Since you are suing your doctor for malpractice, you’ll need help from a good lawyer specializing in that field. Also, since you are suing a hospital and its insurance companies, you are going up against powerful entities with deep pockets. You’ll need a good defense if you want to win the settlement in court that you want and need.
● See another doctor – you will still need to see a gynecologist, but see another good one. Seeing your current doctor could end badly for you.
● Avoid social media platforms – never discuss any aspect of your malpractice case on social media forums. These are public places and therefore, anyone could be reading your posts.

You can indeed take your doctor to court and win

You can win a handsome malpractice settlement in court if you hire a good personal injury lawyer who is a good medical malpractice lawyer. They understand the ways to deal with the negligent doctors legally and will ensure that all bases are covered, before filing a case.