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Most drivers work hard to respect traffic laws and to reduce the chance for an accident. Still, there are times when even the best driver gets distracted and causes a collision. Those with insurance should find it easier to shoulder the blame.

What is expected of every driver at the scene of an accident?

Each of them should exchange his or her contact information with the other drivers. In addition, each of them should share their insurance information. None of them should feel obligated to admit fault for the collision.

What are the expectations if the collision took place in a no-fault state?

In that instance, each motorist involved in that incident can turn for help to his or her own insurance company. That insurer becomes responsible for the payment of medical bills and other expenses. If you were at-fault, your medical bills and other expenses would be paid. Still, you might become the target of a personal injury lawsuit, if the other party has suffered severe injuries.

What would happen if you and the other motorist(s) collided in a no-fault state, but you had purchased automobile insurance?

In that case, your insurance company would provide you with legal representation, if you were to be sued by the any of the other drivers, or if a claim were made against you. In addition, your insurance company will cover any damages for which the evidence has suggested that you are responsible.

Your insurance company pays for your legal defense, but then it also increases the size of your premium. By paying that larger premium you would guarantee the existence of similar help in the future, if you would again become responsible for an accident.

What would be your fate if you had failed to purchase any form of car insurance?

A motorist that has failed to buy automobile insurance becomes liable for any injuries or damages that are caused by that same motorist’s negligence. If you had any assets, the driver that you hit could go after your assets, since you would have no liability coverage, as per a personal injury lawyer in Livermore.

Granted, that same driver would be out of luck, if you did not have any assets. Still, that fact could not alter the fact that your private life might become less peaceful. You should expect to hear your phone ringing far more often. You could be getting calls from debtors, those that suffered some monetary loss, as a result of your actions. You should also expect some calls from lawyers. That second group of callers would hope to take advantage of the fact that you could use legal help, but you had failed to gain access to such help, when you did not buy insurance.