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Being involved in a car accident that was the other driver’s fault is traumatic enough. What is even more traumatic is having a loved one in the family die prematurely in the accident. Your natural action would be to hire a personal injury lawyer and craft a personal injury lawsuit in court against the defendant. However, before you do so, read this article for information you can discuss with your lawyer.

Never make a public statement

While it may seem that making a public statement will help your personal injury case, any personal injury lawyer in Mountain View would inform you that it will actually do the exact opposite! This is because the defense can use the public statements you make against you in court in an attempt to get a lower amount for the defendant to pay you! This is especially true if your public statement is published in the media, it doesn’t matter if the media is local, regional, national, or international.

Never fight with your family

Do you remember the famous and time immemorial saying, “blood is thicker than water?” It directly refers to and describes the strong and unbreakable bond family members should have. When you are involved in a car accident that resulted in a wrongful death of a family member, try your best to unify the family and give other family members as much support as possible. Doing so will make it easier to work with your personal injury lawyer when building a strong case against the defendant.

Never speak with the insurance company before your court date

Your personal injury lawyer knows that this is a big ‘no-no!’ This is because insurance adjusters are in the business of paying out as little as possible to you in a settlement – after all, how else would they make billions in revenue that they do? If you talk to an insurance adjuster, he or she may use your statements against you in court. If you have your lawyer do the talking with the insurance adjusters, your chances of winning the settlement you want and need in court are very high.

Never delay justice

Delaying justice could make the difference between winning the settlement you want and need and walking away with nothing. This is because most car accidents have a window of time that you can file your lawsuit in. if you miss that window, you may lose your chance to go to court.

You can win in a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit if you know the following information mentioned above, and you hire good legal counsel, you should have no problem winning your wrongful death personal injury lawsuit in court.